3 Ways to Install Pubg on your PC 

Want to install PUBG on your PC, but don’t know how to? Here’s the full guide to install PUBG on your PC. Read along.

non-Valve game on Steam to have the most number of players.

Pubg fever is so high right now that you will see notice students screaming and burying their head into the phones and shouting..attack! Well can’t blame them, even Prime minister of India even addressed the students with PUBG’s reference in one of his speeches. Even some people claim that this is their daily stress buster. PUBG is an online game where two or more online partners play with a background of a battlefield and its user interface is designed in such a way that it looks so realistic. This game was introduced at the beginning of 2018 and by the end of the year, it got more than 20 crore players throughout the country.

The game is based on the PlayerUnkown Ghost Hotel Battle Royal game. So it requires different battle scenes and different controls and activities like landing from the parachute, collecting the weapons and armors and killing different enemies and trying to defend themselves as well. This all is a bit difficult to handle on a small screen of smartphones.

How to Install Pubg on your PC 

Method 1: Install Pubg on your PC using PUBG for Desktop

LINK to go to the page where you can find PUBG for your desktop PC or laptop.

2. Click on this Download button, let that downloading finish. This will download the GameLoop.

3. Once downloading is done, you need to right-click on that icon and click on Run as Administrator this way you will allow to do the required changes for installation.

4. Now after you agree, it will ask for the region where you belong. Choose the region ‘ASIA’ and press Continue.

5. After reading the terms and policies, click on Agree to proceed further.

6. Now after you agree to policies, you need to click on Install to start installing the GameLoop.

7. Now it will take a while to install this on your system as it’s a bit heavy process.

8. When the installation is complete, click on start to enjoy so many amazing games. Choose any game you want to play and click on download to keep playing that.

9. Well, our main aim is to download PUBG on our system, choose PUBG under GAME CENTRE.

10. Click on the Download to get this interesting game on your system. You need to keep patience because it’s a 2Gb software, so don’t lose temper because it took me a lot of time myself.

Note: Minimum specifications for PUBG is as follows:

  • High-Speed Broadband Connection
  • Intel i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300 CPU
  • Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10
  • 64-bit OS type
  • 30 GB of free space for installation
  • 8 GB RAM (Memory)( to make it work smoothly)
  • AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (2GB)
  • Direct X 11.0 should be installed

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Method 2: Mirror Android & Play PUBG

AirDroid App . Vysor is also a very useful app if you need to use a USB cable.

But you don’t need to worry about anything if you are using Windows 10. This provides you the ultimate feature of mirror sharing with the use of simple steps.

1. In Windows 10, click on the Start button and search for the Connect app, and then open it. (If the app is missing, you can download it from Microsoft store.)

2. Now in your Android phone, go to Settings.

3. Then go to Display and then select the Cast option.

4. Now tap on three dots that are on the right corner on the upper side and mark “Enable wireless display option”.

5. Next, it will start searching for the devices automatically.

6. After enabling this option, you will able to see your PC/laptop name. Wait for a second, and it will get auto connected.

Note: Make sure your PC/laptop and mobile are connected to the same WiFi network otherwise it won’t work.

7. Finally, your Android will start projecting on your Windows 10 laptop.

Method 3: Install Pubg using Memu Emulator

You can also use Memu Emulator to do this task otherwise:

1. Download the latest Memu Emulator 5.1.0 and PUBG on your phone.

2. Download ES File Explorer and Extract PUBG APK or you can use other Apk extractors also to move Game files to PC.

3. Connect the phone to PC via USB using option Storage.

4. Copy “com.tencent.ig” folder and paste on your desktop. Now, move Extracted PUBG Apk on Desktop.

Now you need to install PUBG in your desktop but by using the MEmu emulator.

1. First, Install MEmu Emulator on PC. Now you need to change a few settings in Emulator. Click on Settings (Gear Icon), which you can see on the right sidebar.

2. Now, Change General Settings of Emulator.

3. After changing the general settings now go to the advanced settings tab. And, choose “Your device name” device, and click on save button. Now, restart the emulator to apply changes.

4. Right Click on PUBG Mobile Game Apk, and click on “open” to install it but Don’t launch PUBG Game.

5. Now, move “com.tencent.ig” folder to Downloads\MEmu Download folder by right-clicking on it and copy and pasting it to the desired location.

6. Install ES File Explorer App in MEmu Emulator and Open it. In ES File Explorer, Go to sdcard\downloads. And, then move that “com.tencent.ig” folder to Android\obb also you need to create the obb folder if it is not available in the Android folder.

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Now PUBG is successfully installed in your computer and you can play as much as want on that big screen,

I hope you are now able to play your favorite game on the big screen with all the control over keys and all the pictures with more clarity.