Keep Your Holiday Travel Organized With Mobile Apps

This post was updated October 2016.

Holiday travel can be a stressful experience for jet setters and road warriors alike. There’s a lot to do and to remember and any number of things can fall through the cracks.

holiday travel apps

What are your favorite travel apps?

Good news! There are several apps that can help your holiday travel plans go off without a hitch and keep you from pulling your hair out.

We know that apps can be the most helpful travel tool, and we had a hard time just picking five apps to talk about! Honestly, we could have mentioned a bunch more. But, just to get you started, we shared our top five picks.

How Can Travel Apps Help You?

There are many things that apps can help you to manage when you’re getting ready for an upcoming trip.

You can use apps for:

  • last minute airfare and lodging
  • tracking flights  – gates
  • locating lounges
  • alerts for friends picking you up
  • finding  and connecting to wifi while traveling
  • getting around once you get there – driving, biking, parking, subway
  • packing
  • finding the best bathrooms along your road trip
  • cheapest gas prices
  • roadside assistance
  • expense tracking
  • finding the best things to do and the best times to visit attractions
  • finding places to and ways to track your exercise
  • LOTS and lots more good information

Check out the video below to learn about our favorite travel apps that will help keep you organized for the holidays.

Wait! Before you press play, remember that you’ll only benefit from these apps if you use them.  That doesn’t mean that you need to use them all.

Simply, choose one or two (or three) based on your specific needs and then add them to your usual travel routine.

Keep Your Holiday Travel Organized

What are your favorite travel apps? Share them in the comments and tell us why you love them.

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Wishing you safe travels and happy holidays!