Send Text Messages from PC using an Android phone

Well, I am sure every one of us has always dreamed about a situation that if their phone is away from the bed and still they can message without using that. So this news is for all of us who are so lazy to move. Well, now Microsoft has launched a life savior feature for you which will save you lifelong from such a problem. We love our phones and we love our PC’s as well, now think of a pc which performs so many operations of your phone also. No need to worry about sending pictures through different apps to get pictures of your phone to pc, no more wait to text your friends if your phone isn’t there with you, and managing your phone’s notification through your laptop. Doesn’t it all sounds like dream come true, yes it is actually!

Previously you could have used CORTANA if you wanted to send messages but it’s a really tiring job to do if you really want to chat for a long time. Also, the method felt clunky and pulled contacts from your Microsoft Account.

The app mirrors phone content to a PC, but currently only supports Android devices and the ability to drag and drop photos from a phone to a PC. It completely links your phone and laptop in such a way that your life becomes easy for you. There are so many amazing features and tips in that app which makes it more worthy to use, also it’s very handy to use that like right click on photo to copy or share, dragging pictures directly through laptop and so many others.

The “Your Phone” app is new in Windows 10’s October 2018 update, available nowadays. You’ll be able presently content from your PC and effectively get to photos—assuming you’ve got an Android phone. In the long haul, you’ll indeed be able to reflect your phone’s whole screen to your Windows 10 PC and see notifications from your phone on your PC.

Send Text Messages from PC using an Android phone

Method 1: Through Default Messaging App

1. Click Start and select the “gear” icon on the Start Menu toolbar or type Settings in the search menu to open the setting of your PC.

2. In Settings, click on the Phone option.

3. Next, click on Add a phone to link your phone to your PC.

4. In the next step, it will ask for the type of phone (Android or ios). Choose Android.

5. On the next screen, Enter the phone number which you want to link your system and press send. This will send a link to that number.


NOTE: You need to have a Microsoft account in order to link your phone to your PC

But if you don’t have the “YOUR PHONE” app in your System, then you need to install this app in your system. For that follow these steps:

a) Type YOUR PHONE and click on the first search result you get.

b) Click on Get it an option and download the app.

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Now the Phone to your System

Once you get that link on your phone. Download the app on your phone and follow these steps after that:

1. Open the app and log in to your Microsoft Account. 

2. Click continue when asked for App Permissions.

3. Allow app permissions when prompt.

Finally, check your laptop screen, there you will see a mirror of your phone’s screen on your laptop. Now you can easily send text messages from PC using an Android phone.

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You can respond within the notification without opening the Your Phone app. But this is only a quick text reply. You must use the Your Phone app to respond with an emoji, GIF, or an image stored on your PC. The Your Phone app will also show you other notifications from your phone, such as emails, phone calls, and even individual app push notifications. However, aside from text messages, you cannot yet use a quick reply for any of those notifications.

Method 2: Through Google Messages

browser-based application that is also available from google and you can download that on your desktop that as well if you want.

play store .  Open the app and click on the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the app. A menu will pop up.

2. Now you will see a screen with a Scan QR Code and follow on-screen instructions.

4. After following the steps, Scan the  QR Code displayed on your laptop screen.

5. Now you will be able to see your messages on your laptop screen.


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So I have mentioned ways in which you can enjoy sending text messages from PC using an Android phone. I hope this would have helped you.