Top 10 Android Music Players of 2021

Are you in search of the best Music Player Apps for Android in 2021? Never run out of options with our extensive guide of Top 10 Android Music Players.

Music is one of the best things that has happened to us. We listen to music whenever we are happy, sad, joyful, and whatnot. Now, in this era of smartphones, of course, that is what we rely upon for listening to music. Every Android smartphone comes with its own stock music player. However, that might not be enough for you.

Top 10 Android Music Players of 2021

Here are the top 10 Android music players out there in the market as of now. Read along to find out further information about them.

#1. AIMP

First of all, the first music player I am going to talk to you about is called AIMP. This is one of the best Android music player apps out there on the internet. The Android music player is compatible with almost all of the popular music file types such as MP4, MP3, FLAC, and many more. In addition to that, there is a wide range of customization options available as well, putting the power back into your hands.

HTTP live streaming, volume normalization, superb equalizer, and many more. The app also has a desktop version in case you would like one.

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#2. Musicolet

The next Android music player on the list is Musicolet. It is lightweight as well as a feature-rich music player. The app does not even have any ads either. In addition to that, the app enables you to control the music player simply by using the earphone button. All you need to do is press it once for play or pause, press it twice for playing the next track, and press it thrice for going to the last song you listened to.

Along with that, When you press the button for four or more times, the song will be fast-forwarded on its own. The developers have claimed that the music app is the only Android music player app that is compatible with multiple playing queues. You can set more than twenty queues at once. There is an efficient as well as intuitive GUI that makes it easier to access tabs for artists, playlists, albums, and folders.

In addition to that, the app also comes with an equalizer, tag editor; lyrics support, widgets, sleep timer, and many more. The Android music player app also supports Android Auto.

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#3. Google Play Music

Now, the next Android music player app I would introduce you to is Google Play Music. Of course, Google is a name everyone is familiar with. However, their music player is often ignored by many. Do not be a fool and make the same mistake. The Android music player app comes with a wide range of features.

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#4. GoneMAD Music Player

Now let us all turn our attention as well as focus on the next Android music app on the list – GoneMAD music player. One of the main things that almost all of the users ignore when choosing a music player app is the quality of the audio engine of that particular app. This is where GoneMAD holds a very high place. Whereas a large number of apps make use of a stock audio engine, it is one of the few apps that actually have its own audio engine. The audio engine sounds amazing as well, fulfilling its purpose.

The Android music player comes with a wide range of themes that you can choose from. In addition to that, the player supports almost all the music formats that are popular along with Chromecast support. The latest version of the user interface (UI) is quite sleek. However, in case you like the older version of the user interface (UI) more, you can always choose to get back to it.

The Android music player offers a free trial version for a period of 14 days. In case you would like to access all the features, you can buy the premium version for $5.

Download GoneMAD Music Player

#5. BlackPlayer EX

Now I would request you all to take a look at the next Android music player app in our list – the BlackPlayer Ex. The app is quite simple as well as elegant, that makes your experience of listening to the music much better. The structure is designed as tabs. In addition to that, the option of customizing the tabs allows you to use only the ones that you are going to and get rid of the ones that you are probably never going to use.

Furthermore, the Android music player app comes with an ID3 tag editor, widgets, equalizer, and many more exciting features. It also supports most of the popular audio formats. The wide variety of themes as well as scrobbling add to its benefits. There are no ads, making your experience of listening to music so much better. This is definitely an app that is for the ones who would like to keep it simple as well as minimalistic.

The developers have offered this app in both free as well as paid versions. The free version has the basic features, whereas the pro version boasts of all the premium features. However, even the paid version is not that expensive.

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#6. Phonograph

Now, let us talk about the next Android music player on the list – Phonograph. This is best suited for you in case you are looking for an Android music player app that is visually stunning. The user interface (UI) has material design and serves its purpose quite well. In addition to that, the user interface (UI) also changes itself on its own for color coordinating with the content that is present on the screen at any given time. However, it is not only about looks at all. There are some amazing features it brings with it as well.

One unique feature is that the music player app downloads all the information about your media that is missing, making you more knowledgeable. The tag editor feature, on the other hand, enables you to edit all the tags such as title, artists, and many more. With the theme engine that is built-in, you can customize the app, even more, putting the power back into your hands. You can also categorize the library into artists, playlists, and albums.

Some of the other features include gapless playback, sleep timer, lock screen control, and many more. In addition to that, the music player app also comes with in-app purchases.

Download PhonoGraph

#7. Apple Music

I do not need to give you an introduction to Apple, right? I know you are saying but it is for the iOS operating system, but do bear with me. The Apple Music is not limited to iOS anymore; you can now get access to it in Android as well. Once you have this app, you are going to get access to the catalog of Apple that contains more than 30 million songs. In addition to that, you will also be granted access to Beats One along with your music playlists.

The app comes in both free as well as paid versions. You can enjoy the free version for three months, and in case you are a user of the unlimited data plan from Verizon, six months of free access. After that, you would have to pay $9.99 each month for the subscription of the premium version.

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#8. Foobar2000

Are you a fan of vintage? Looking for an Android music player that radiates the same vibes? You are in the right place, my friend. Let me present to you the next Android music player on the list – Foobar 2000. The vintage music player app stepped foot on the Android field some years ago. Similar to the desktop version, the music player app is also quite simple, minimalistic, and easy to use. Most of the popular audio formats are supported on the Android music player app.

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In addition to that, you can stream all the music from UPnP servers to the Android device you are using. This, in turn, makes sure that you are always in touch with your music on your home network.

On the downside, it is definitely not an eye-catching app. The reason behind this is the Android 4.0 interface along with the design that is folder based. In addition to that, the Android music player app also does not have many of the new as well as interesting features, especially when compared to all the other apps on the list. However, in case you just want the music on your device with not too many distractions, this is quite a good music player app for you.

Download Foobar2000

#9. JetAudio HD

MIDI playback, and many more are available. In addition to that, you can make use of the wide range of audio enhancements for making your experience of listening to music even better. These enhancements come as plugins.

The Android music player app comes with both free as well as paid versions. Both of these versions are absolutely identical. What the paid version brings to the table is the removal of all those annoying ads that interrupt your music listening experience.

Download JetAudio HD

#10. Pulsar

Last but not the least, let us turn our attention as well as focus on the final Android music player app on the list – Pulsar. The app is one of the most lightweight apps out there in the market, saving you both RAM as well as memory. Also, it is offered free of charge. Furthermore, it does not even have ads, adding to its benefits. The user interface (UI) is quite stunning, as well as efficient. In addition to that, you also have the power to customize the user interface (UI) as per your choices as well as preferences. There are tons of different themes for you to choose from.

You can arrange the library into artists, albums, genres, and playlists: home screen widget, in-built tag editor, 5-band equalizer, last.FM scrobbling, gapless playback, and many more amazing features add to its benefits. The crossfade support, Android Auto, as well as Chromecast support, make your experience even better. In addition to that, you can also create smart playlists on the basis of recently played, newly added, and most played songs.

Download Pulsar

So, guys, we have come towards the end of this article. It is now time to wrap it up. I hope the article has given a value that you have craved as well as being worthy of your time and attention. Now that you have the best possible knowledge make sure to use it to the best possible use. In case you have any questions or think I have missed a specific point, or if you would like me to talk about something else entirely, do let me know.